About IEHK Enterprises

We are a global supplier of custom manufactured CNC routers, commercial DTG flatbed printers, UV printers, and laser engraving machines.  Founded in 2005, IEHK has been providing cost effective, easy-to-use, printing and engraving solutions for both large and small companies.

“We are proud to have delivered high quality industrial printing and engraving machines and CNC routers to over 80 countries worldwide.”


Why purchase from us?

We are an online retailer.

This fact alone enables us to sell digital fabrication tools for much cheaper than our competitors. No overhead equals cheaper prices for you.

We work directly with manufacturers.

Every product we sell comes brand new, directly from the manufacturers. We are offered special purchase privileges and pass the saving directly on to you.

We can customize your machine.

Because we work directly with the manufacturers, we can have a machine built to your exact specifications.


How we lower your startup costs…

All our products directly from the original manufacturer, which also supplies the brand name to the local market but at a much higher price. We offer this special form of purchase that give savings to our customers.

We have many years in the market of the printing and engraving industry and we understand what you need in your business. We can give you professional advice, suggestions and methods to progressively reduce your production costs in the long term.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.