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Does DTG White Ink Really Cost Too Much?

Does DTG White Ink Really Cost Too Much?     It seems that the interest in DTG or direct to garment printing is also starting to emerge from the dark days of winter into a new growth spurt. However, one of the biggest objections I hear from people who are looking to get into DTG printing is that the white inks are too expensive. Most of these people are screen printers who are used to…

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What Is Garment Printing? Everywhere you look, people are wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments decorated with graphics. The garments are all decorated using embroidery, screen printing (also known as silk screening), direct to garment printing (also known as DTG or digital apparel printing), dye sublimation or heat transfers. Together with media applications such as rhinestones, these businesses create the garment decoration industry, which is estimated to be worth $6.9 billion in the US alone.…

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