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5040 UV Bottle Printer

5040 UV Flatbed/Bottle Printer

The 5040 Flatbed/UV Bottle Printer can print on any type of flat/round objects with perfect precision. It can handle DTG ink for printing garment also.


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The 5040 UV Flatbed/Bottle Printer can print on any type of round and flat objects with perfect precision. It can handle DTG ink for print shirts/garment also.


• UV ink can print embossed 3D effect, can also use DTG for printing garment
• It accepts printable round objects dia.up to 4.7″
• Two printhead, one for print color, one for white or varnish liquid.
• 20″x16″ maximum print area.
• 2880 dpi Max print resolution. Great for photo quality prints!
• Print directly from your PC, just like a desktop printer.
• Uses UV inks and prints on almost any kind of material include glass, ceramics
• The printing cost varies between 0.10¢ to 0.20¢ USD per print


• Print size: 20″length x 16″width (500mm×400mm)
• Printhead: EPSON DX10
• UV Lamp: Water cooling LED UV
• Print Color: CMYKWW(one printerhead)/CMYKWWWW, CMYKCMYK (two printerhead)
• Printing Speed:
– 720×720dpi/4Pass 8㎡/H  
– 1440*720dpi/8Pass 4㎡/H 
– 1440*1440dpi/16Pass 2㎡/H  
– 2880*1440dpi/32Pass 1.8㎡/H   
• Max. Height of printing objects: 6″(150mm), electric up down platform
• Max. Diameter of round object: 4.7″ (120mm)
• Ink Tank Volume: 250ml x 8, continuous intelligent circulation supply system
• Ink: UV Curable Ink/DTG Ink
• Power: 110-220V 1000W
• Printing Interface: USB
• Operation System: Windows 7 or later
• Software: UltraPrint software included, accept TIFF, BMP, PDF, EPS. JPEG etc..
• Working Environment: 15-35 C
• Printer Net Weight: 330lbs (150kg)
• Printer Size: 39″x30″x25″ (100cm×75cm×65cm)
• Free Tech Support
• One Year Limited Warranty


Print on any flat and round materials include:
Wood • Bamboo • Jade • Marble • Organic glass • Plastic • Leather • Rubber • Ceramic • Glass



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  • 1 X 5040 UV Printer
  • 1 X UltraPrint Software
  • 1 X Rotary Attachment
  • 1 X Set Ink Bottle
  • 1 X USB Data Line Set
  • 1 X Power Cable
  • UV ink $60/1 liter

    Product lead time 5-10 days, shipping time by ocean freight about 3-4 weeks.


    • via Ocean Freight+truck delivery to door: We can handle your export shipment to all major ports/city in the world. Recommended for heavy shipment (weight over 130kg).

    3 reviews for 5040 UV Flatbed/Bottle Printer

  • 6090 UV Bottle Printer is a great UV printer. Its can print on round and flat material.. Its printing finishing really well. I am happy to its performance. Shipping in time and good Customer Support.

  • It is amazing that when i see the perfection of printing in round object, Highly Recommend this product.

  • I was in search of a machine that prints on round objects and it fits my requirements completely. It is a powerful printer that actually prints in less than a minute and is not affected by ink spray at all. It comes with reliable uv lamp and lets me print embossed 3D effects. Thanks!.

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