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UV Ink For Epson Printerhead


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Mimaki UJF 605/UJV110 Vutek Press VU Series Oce Arizona Series 3M Commercial Graphics 2500uv inkmed uv curable ink


  • 1000ml / bottle

Storage Specifications:

  1. Keep away from children & pets
  2. Storage temperature range 5℃-30℃ Relative Humidity 20% – 80%
  3. Avoid direct sunlight & heaters. Avoid drastic temperature changes. Do not contaminate inks

Products profile:

  • UV flatbed printer with epson dx5 head
  • 8 colors:CMYLkLLkPkLcLm
  • no fading,higher outdoor durability, keep 2-3 years
  • vibrant and brilliant color
  • excellent adhesion and flexibility on all ranges of substrates

Substrate or media:

  • All sheet plastic PVC, PVC Foam Board, PET, ABS, PC, PE, PP/OPP, Acrylic and etc…
  • All Metals, with or without finishes, paint, powder coating and etc…
  • All Glasses, Ceramics, Tiles, Wood and many other surfaces…

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